my cat is like literally the best kitty i could ever ask for she’s the sweetest frickin thing and i consider us pretty close as owner/pet relationships go like i dont necessarily take care of her all the time because of school and being out of the house a lot my mom feeds her almost all of the time but she grew up in my room when she was a baby and spent a lot of time with me then and we bonded and she loves me the most out of everyone in the family she lets me hold her and carry her around everywhere and she’ll just sit contentedly against my chest and purr and rub my face and make everyone else jealous because she doesnt do that with anyone else and she likes to just kinda be in the same room with me she sleeps in a little kitty bed under my bed while i sit on the computer and sometimes she’ll come sit on my lap and rub against me and pap my face with her paws and then when i go to sleep if she’s still in my room with me she will let me hold her like a doll like usually cats sleep like?? at the end of the bed but she sleeps all in my arms cuddled up to me and lays like that like, all night as long as i dont like roll around and wow cat feelings hello my cat is my baby child i love her

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